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Hey dudes and dudettes (jeez I’m getting old!)

I wanted to say hello, there have been a lot of comments made about my sight recently, one of which was the very good point that if I wrote more regularly I’d get more hits.  The reason I haven’t added more articles is simply my internet met the true death and has had to be replaced.  I hope to be back up and running with some new articles and continuations of existing stories et al in the very near future.

I would like to thank all the people who’ve very kindly added comments about my writing, and very complimentary some of them are.  Some seem to thank me for ‘certain topics’ and my knowledge of them, and or seem to refer to entirely to a different article than the one it’s attributed to.  I’m not sure some comments actually refer to my articles, more like they’re being sublimated from another site.  Thanks all the same, as the ones which are worded vaguely enough do make my site look good. There are also mentions of me having a fan page on facebook, I didn’t think there would be a call for such a thing, but why not, watch this space.  You can of course follow me on twitter @FubarRobinson, if you are so inclined.

Other comments very kindly point out the layout of the RSS of my sight, and things that don’t work correctly for them.  Sadly I do not understand some of the terms (RSS feeds/subscriptions being one such term) and therefore do not know how to rectify.  So I must therefore also apologise.  If you face a problem with my webpage and think you can explain how to correct the mistake please do feel free to treat me as an internet layman.  I’m just a writer trying very much to get people reading my output and I’m not very au fait with the more technical aspects of the internet and computer systems. 

Once again thanks for your kind comments and taking the time to proffer them for the benefit of my little blog page, whether intentionally or otherwise, and for your patience, Bobbins will be the first to return, then perhaps something a little different.

To your good health



~ by Ian Fubar Robinson on April 6, 2011.

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