To sleep, perchance to dream…

I had a dream last night…

With friends I was, though I recognised none of them.

It was in Whitby, but not the town I remembered from my youth.

Stood were we on a rooftop; a party with drinks and laughter.

Until something began to draw their gaze.

I followed their fearful eyes, but saw nothing out-of-place.

My unknown friends looked out at the unknown town, and I was not perturbed. 

My unknown friends walked to the roofs edge.

Followed I did, and saw a leviathan in the distance; of rock and stone it was. 

A building that did not belong to the Whitby of my youth.

The leviathan was surrounded by cloud, all cast aglow by an unusual glare of white light.

It was a light that should not be, and now I was afraid.

I followed my faceless friends to the edge, and heard their cries.

‘On fire, it is!’

Below me was another building, and it was ablaze.

It’s heat rose up a storm, casting evil ash towards us.

So we all turned and got on the bus that was now on the roof with us.

We gave the bus no thought, and sought its solace.

Onboard my nameless friends were angry, scared, and still not the friends I knew.

And then I woke, afraid.

I wonder what my dream means?

Fubar Robinson


~ by Ian Fubar Robinson on March 16, 2011.

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