I’ve got the blog on!

Hey folks,

I wanted to add another blog entry today, something a bit more significant than this note anyway.  For example Bobbins will return in his daily adventures of psychosis and nervousness.  However my laptop has died again.  It’s amazing how dependant I’ve become on the contraption, its guiding light, it’s warmth against my lap, but it’s thrown a Wendy and won’t work properly, so for the time being I’m stuck using the home computer.

I don’t like this computer, it’s big and arrogant, works slowly; deliberately trying to wind me up, and it’s cramped into the corner of the dining room and swamped with camera’s, MP3 players and all manner of familial detritus, and for some reason the chair really makes my butt hurt, you know the bit of bone between your arse cheeks, that is really complaining – all in all it’s a thoroughly unpleasant experience.  Plus i can only really use it at night when i know that a) no one will be using it, and b) no one will be peering over my shoulder asking what I’m doing.

So as its late, and I have already spent a good few hours on a new episode for my tales of the Macabre blog, Bobbins will have to wait until tomorrow.  Fear not, I’m in talks to fix my laptop and I’ll be back blogging all over the place.

Goodnight all.


Fubar Robinson


~ by Ian Fubar Robinson on February 19, 2011.

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